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ElJay made the hilt for this hanger. It is a copy of a British grenadier hanger -- number 28.S in Neumann's Swords and Blades of the American Revolution. The hilt is beautifully done with a shagreen (ray skin) grip, brass ropes and turk's head knots. No one does grips like ElJay! The sword is mounted on a hanger blade made for Williamsburg back in the '70s. These are the best reproduction hanger blades I have found. Blade is 27" long with a distal taper. It has a maker's mark on the outboard side and the name "Hadley" stamped on the spine. There is one small spot of light pitting at the middle of the blade on the inboard side. There are also some very light scratches on the blade -- again, consummate with its age, but nothing that detracts from the appearance. This sword has never been used to cut with. Overall length is about 32 1/2" and weight is about 2 lbs. 5 oz. There is no scabbard with this sword.

Price is $750 including shipping in CONUS. PaPal preferred.