Longest Curved Sword Variant??
WHat is the name of the longest curved sword?
Out of standard sword types, that would be the odachi.

Think "katana the size and weight of a Zweihänder", and that's pretty much it. The bigger ones (which can be ridiculously long; the biggest surviving one is 377cm long) were made as shrine offerings.

They don't handle quite like a Zweihänder, due to the curvature. I only played with a proper odachi (assuming the Hanwei odachi counts as a proper odachi) very briefly, so I don't know how much difference this makes in practice.
Well I dont know about which is the biggest but I know that some curved swords have reach lengths of six feet or more. From Europe there's the kriegsmesser, and from Japan there's the nodachi (kind of like a giant katana), there are also similar swords from Korea and China, but I can't remember what they are called. Hope this helps.
Presumably you meant a rigid blade, but otherwise this 'sword variant' is very long and is usually curved:

WOW Timo that one BIG odachi, the skill involved in making something like that just boggles the mind, thanks for sharing.
wow, that odachi is really amazing, i wonder how this was intended to be used ?

as for that indian snake-sword: at least at deadliest warrior this was quite ridiculous (don`t bash me now, thats the only occasion i had seen this in action)
Gottfried P. Doerler wrote:
wow, that odachi is really amazing, i wonder how this was intended to be used ?
As an offering to the gods and a testament to the smith and his team's skills.
I gotta say, this odachi is fairly godlike. :eek:

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