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Before I commission a 15th century arm harness I thought I'd check to see if anyone had a pair for sale.

I'll limit the manufacturers to St George, ASH, matt black, white rose or plessis to be clear on the quality I'm looking for.

I don't mind how old / loved they are as long as they're structurally sound ( I can happily replace straps and rivits myself so that's not an issue)

I'm not restricted by style, gothic or Milanese etc are fine ( although if gothic more on the simpler side)

Half or three quarter cannons are fine also

I would prefer complete arms including pauldrons but can manage without as I have a pair I could combine with them with a bit of graft.

The sizes I'm lookin for are approximately ( but no smaller than)

Wrist 21cm
Elbow 30cm
Bicep 33cm
Arm length from shoulder to wrist 62cm

Many thanks
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