To pad or not to pad that is the question (arming garment)
Having read quite a lot of info about arming garments to be used under full plate harness including this excellent topic I am now asking not whether these garments were padded or not but rather whether people pad their garments today or not and if they do then how much/where. I aim for an Italian man at arms kit from the middle of 15th century. Armor making is my hobby so I am constantly upgrading the kit. What I want is a kit that would allow me to fight full-contact with blunt steel swords without injuries yet will be as light and cool (as opposite to "hot") as possible.

I would be very thankful to everyone who would share information and thoughts about the arming garments they use as well as stories about these garments' perfectly doing or, on the contrary, failing to do their job.
The arming doublet I use for Is made out of 3 layers of denim weight fabric. It has no extra padding. This is enough for jousting.
Overheating has a lot to do with sweat not evaporating through sheet metal. I would guess thick padding will generally make you hotter.

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