For anyone who is interested in really learning about samurai armor I want to let you know about a new book. The Watanabe Art Museum Samurai Armour Collection (Kabuto & Mengu, Volume I)

Trevor Absolon, the owner of has released the first in a series of books, this one concentrates on helmets and facial armor. Trevor has owned and sold more armor then anyone I know of and he has taken detailed pictures and notes on each piece. Trevor had to unique opportunity to go through the Watanabe samurai armor collection in Japan and take photographs of the helmets and facial armor that he felt represented the best of the various different types and styles of these armors. Trevor goes into details such as the materials and construction methods, how to spot repairs and restorations, the names of each part that makes up these armors. This book is so incredibly detailed that there is no other book that can come close, reading it is like taking a mini course in samurai armor.

I am providing some links so anyone who is interested can check it out for themselves. Two of the worlds foremost experts on samurai armor (Ian Bottomley and Anthony Bryant) have added their endorsements to this book as forewords and the pictures are as good as it gets. Put this on your list of must have books you will not regret it.

I recently had a chance to see two lectures on samurai armor by Trevor at the "Return of the Samurai" exhibit in Canada last year and I got a chance to talk to him for several hours and I can assure everyone that Trevor is extremely knowledgeable and passionate on the subject of samurai armor and he wants to pass on to other people what has taken him years to learn. His samurai armor forum is the only one of its kind that I know of and with this book Trevor has created a new avenue to help other people gain a deeper understanding of this complex subject.

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