Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on TherionArms and the facebook fan page over the past month:

13th century sword belt (fresh pictures 04/22)
Archer's gambeson - natural/white (featured item 04/21)
Valsgarde helmet (featured item 04/20)
GDFB tie-closure gambeson - black (featured item 04/19)
Confederate cavalry officer's saber (fresh pictures 04/18)
GDFB arming jack - white (featured item 04/17)
Svord peasant knife (featured item 04/16)
French poignard (featured item 04/15)
Bone grip swept hilt rapier (fresh pictures 04/14)
Wood grip swept hilt rapier (fresh pictures 04/13)
Kettle helm (featured item 04/12)
Trondheim pattern-welded Viking sword (fresh pictures 04/11)
Phyrgian nasal helmet (featured item 04/10)
Shinai bamboo practice katana (price reduced 04/09)
Shell-guard dagger / main gauche (last one! 04/08)
Pattern-welded Saxon sword (fresh pictures 04/07)
Indestructible bokken (fresh pictures 04/06)
Warrior series tanto (fresh pictures 04/05)
Celtic sword (fresh pictures 04/04)
Templar knight sword of war (featured item 04/03)
Teutonic knight sword of war (featured item 04/02)
Italian falchion (limited return 04/01)
US Model 1917 bolo knife (fresh pictures 03/31)
Flexi-dagger main gauche (featured item 03/30)
William Marshal arming sword (fresh pictures 03/29)
11th century spangenhelm (featured item 03/28)
Italian barbute (featured item 03/27)
GDFB Deluxe Arming Jack (featured item 03/26)
Gjermundbu helm (featured item 03/25)
Aventail / camail / ventail (featured item 03/24)
Steel buckler (featured item 03/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Recent Additions and Featured Items catalog page -

Quote of the month:

In the sword you shall have trust and belief, so that blood runs not over your eyes. -- Hans Talhoffer