1280-1325 Sword Belts
Does any one know where I can find patterns and maybe instructions for making sword belts from this period? From looking at lots of effigies there seem to be more than one style in use and a lot of overlap of styles.

Thanks for the help :)
I believe for this time period, you would want something intergrated - belt interwoven with scabbard. The ready-made sword belts offered by many company just don't look as good/authentic. Here is a tutorial on how to make an interlaced sword belt:


At the later part of your period of interest, you start to see some more belts mounted to the scabbard with decorative metal work, rings, buckles, etc - but for what you are interested it, I stil feel the intergrated suspension will serve best.

The below sword is a H/T Norman which is an earlier sword than you are looking for specifically, but for later years, this same type of suspension is found in period art, as well as on many knightly effigies wearing Oakeshott Type XIVs (right in the middle of the period you are interested in.).

[ Linked Image ]

The above photo is the property of Custom Sword Shoppe.

Below is a Christian Fletcher scabbard / belt for a Albion Sovereign - which looks great for the time frame you are interested in. While it has the integrated belt, it's a bit more of a statement with its fancier multiple risers, steel locket, and matching chape.

The below photo is the property of Christian Flecther.

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CF Sov Scabbard 1.jpg

Thanks JE Sarge that was just the kind of thing I was looking for. Still not 100% sure I will do that style but it is one of the styles I really like. :)
Hi Patrick, I'm probably in the same predicament here. While trying to fathom out scabbard types I've been searching about for a number of effigies here in the UK from Salisbury cathedral to Arundel . Most of those around the mid to latter part of the 14th century show belts made up of what was probably bronze tablets mounted on the belt and bearing the arms of the family he was associated with or his own. The scabbard was affixed to an appropriate tablet mounted on the arming side with an ovoid tab attached to the locket at the top of the scabbard. This swivelled into an ovoid hole in the tablet at right angles and swung down so the sword fell in alignment vertically at the hip. This would probably be a bit cost prohibitive to have made properly because of the amount of time spent modelling the patterns prior to casting. The tab would need to be substantially strong for a re-enactment scenario too. I've a lot to pick up on as regards to making my own scabbards but will keep my nose peeled on the guys who know what their doing. Meanwhile I'll have to start photographing more effigies where allowed. :D
Here's a thread from 2005 that may help:
Phillip your exactly right those type of belts are interesting but it would be a lot of work to get the metal pieces just right. So I think I will try for something simpler. Matter of fact that is one reason I chose this period. So that I could make a lot fo the things myself.

R D Thanks for the link :)
I had a simple suspension created based on this effigy:

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

Someday, I'll add some floral rivets to it to jazz it up and make it more like the original.
I like that chad do you have a picture of the other side ot it? and of the entire belt?
Patrick Lawrence wrote:
I like that chad do you have a picture of the other side ot it? and of the entire belt?

The entire belt is rather boring, as it's just leather strips pierced for the tongue of the buckle. Not terribly exciting... :)

Here's a shot of it being worn (excuse the jeans, ren fair shirt, and American belly).

[ Linked Image ]

The belt is one piece in the parts of it you can't see in that pic. It divides into the top strap and lower strap.

Same concept as this one from DBK.

I don't think I have a pic of the back either as there's not much to see. Each of the 2 bands around the scabbard double back on themselves. The thong keeps everything tight. It's very simple. :)
Guesse I am just having a hard time visualizing where all the straps go still. Been a long day fence building:)
I found a pic of the back. It's below. I found it in this thread.

[ Linked Image ]
Thanks Chad that helps a lot. Now I need to get chance to go to the Tandy outlet to get some leather :)

Also Chad to do know a good place to buy the buckles?
Patrick Lawrence wrote:
Thanks Chad that helps a lot. Now I need to get chance to go to the Tandy outlet to get some leather :)

Also Chad to do know a good place to buy the buckles?

Those buckles were made by the scabbard maker who furnished the belt (Kevin Iseli). Tod's Foundry sells very nice-looking buckles. Raymond's Quiet Press sells some too.
Thanks Chad those links will save me a lot of time :)

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