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Hi folks,

I am selling a brand new Valiant Armory /Atrim Longsword for $250.00, shipped & insured with Delivery confirmation in CONUS. International shipping is possible for an additional cost to the buyer (but of course). Postal Money Orders or PayPal are accepted. I will eat the 3.5% fee from PayPal.

I bought this sword from Kult of Athena in January, for $265.00 shipped, when it was briefly in stock. Never cut anything other than air with it. Nicely balanced proportions throughout. It's arguably the best value and most highly sought after longsword in the under $300.00 price-point. Still... it's not an Albion. I am trying to rustle up enough $$$ for a Crecy.

The total length is 45.5", with a blade length of 36", grip length of 7". It is 1060 spring steel and very sharp with an appleseed/clamshell edge geometry. Just shy of 45mm wide and has a 5.8mm x 3.6mm distal taper. POB is at 6". Quite lively in hand.

Price is FIRM unless purchased in addition to one of my other offerings, here at myArmoury. While I do need funds to fuel another project... I am in no frantic hurry to pass this one along at much of a loss. In other words, $15.00 is all I'm gonna budge. It's mint. This model is as hard to find as hens teeth! OK? I do however, give quantity discounts for all transactions of 2 or more pieces. Multiple items are discounted favorably.

Thanks for looking, Jon