New Falchion
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Oakeshott Type: n/a
Overall Length: 30-3/8 inches
Blade Length: 24 inches
Blade width @ Base: 1-1/2 inches
Blade Width @ Widest point point: 2-1/4 inches
Blade Thickness @ Base: .212 inch
Blade Thickness 3 inches from Point: .197 inch
Hilt Overall Length: 6-3/8 inches
Length of Handle: 4 inches
Pommel Type: J
Guard Type: 1
Center of Gravity: 4 inches from guard
Location of Blade Node (measured from Guard): approx. 17 inches
Primary Hilt Node: approx. 1/4 inch from cross on handle
Weight: 2lbs 14 oz
Sword in the style of certain falchions of the 14th through mid 15th C. Blade is 5160 spring steel hardened to HRc58-60, then selectively drawn down to HRc45-48 through the spine, shoulders and tang. Edge is a 'rolled' style edge. The octagonal-section guard and Type 'J' pommel are made from Mild Steel. The handle is sandwiched hardwood with risers at the top, bottom and center. The handle is wrapped in real linen cord then covered in brown chrome-tanned leather. The hilt is secured by passing a reduced section of the tang through the pommel and riveting the tang ove the pommel

Falchions of this unusual looking blade style are represented extensively in art in the period cited above but there are few extant examples in this style, notably the one in the Musee de Armee. Contemporary artwork shows a variety of forms. This powerful cutting blade has a stout tip for thrusting as well. Despite being relatively heavy the short blade means that reduced moment-arm keeps it lively. This piece comes standard with a simple leather scabbard, but a wooden scabbard covered in leather with metal furniture can be ordered at additional cost.

I am considering shortening the cross- your thoughts?
Very interesting piece with the blade's edge being on the opposite side than one generally expects. ( Although you have made some like this before, so It's not as visually surprising as it was the first time. ;) ).

This blade profile does make sense as a chopper with it's aggressive negative curved edge, the secondary point where the blade dramatically changes direction to form the point should give an almost axe like effect and the narrow point makes capable of an effective thrust.

I sort of like the wide guard and I would leave it as is unless the ultimate buyer prefers and asks you to shorten it width: So I would suggest leaving it this way for the moment as it's obviously easier to shorten than make wider. ;) :D :cool:
Nice looking falcion. I'm not a huge fan of this type of weapon but I do like this one. I like the long guard very much. Guards that appear too long for modern eyes seem to have been fairly common in the medieval era but are seldom seen reproduced. It is kind of hard to get a really good look at the ratio of guard length to blade length without a "top down" photo.

Edit-Ok, checked th photos on your site. I like the guard, I wouldn't change it.
Thanks for the input! Since a lot of reference for this type comes from art (where they are highly simplified) it's hard to tell just how long the guard should be.
Michael Pearce wrote:
Thanks for the input! Since a lot of reference for this type comes from art (where they are highly simplified) it's hard to tell just how long the guard should be.

Since the hilts of the Falchions in this period seem identical to two edged swords I think you can safely assume that whatever where the smallest and longest guards documented for the period gives you the range of probable lengths.

One good reason to go for longer is that longer guards seem more rarely reproduced by modern makers and more interesting than a guard of average size.

With few surviving Falchions of any type and even rarer with the type shown there doesn't seem to be much to base one's designs on except artwork and swords of other types of the same period better documented.

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