Three great german books all in low price
Hi guys, book information time again :D
Three excellent German books, namely Europaische Hieb und Stichwaffen, Europäische Helme and Kombinationswaffen are long been in very high price, but recently(2010 maybe) a pack of them just rush into internet second-hand market, mostly from German sellers, all in quite low price(20-30euro, shipping not inclued), try abebooks or I've bought copys of all of them, very satisfying!
That's been happening more and more over the last couple of years. A guy used to be able to make a buck buying and selling those. Not anymore.... :)

It's a great time to be a book shopper. Many titles have come down recently. The Edge/Paddock book used to be $60-70. Now it's cheaper. Curtis's 2,500 Years of European Helmets used to be $200+; now it can be found under $100.

I think people are more apt to sell their libraries when tough economic times hit. Plus, the internet makes it easy to research fair prices and find more buyers.
Chad, that may be the case, but dont be frustrated, you have some real rare books still scarcely be seen, like Italian series Arte e tecnica, which I dont even dream to collect them all.
IMO best keep our storage or buy some low-price books, and wait untill finance environment get better~

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