Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on TherionArms and the
facebook fan page over the past month:

River Ouse / Sempach longsword (featured item 02/22)
Rhinelander longsword (added 02/21)
Danish war axe (featured item 02/20)
Silver and gold dagger (featured item 02/19)
13th century sword belt (added 02/18)
Lionheart arming sword (fresh pictures 02/17)
Spartan xiphos (fresh pictures 02/16)
Purpleheart Armoury maille hauberk (special listing 02/15)
Curved shinai (listed on closeout 02/14)
Maille coif with horizontal ventail (featured item 02/13)
Maille coif with vertical ventail (featured item 02/12)
Henry V arming sword (fresh pictures 02/11)
Chinese pudao (featured item 02/10)
Bellows face sallet (featured item 02/09)
Padded cuisses leather cops (featured item 02/08)
Oda Nobunaga kabuto and mempo (featured item 02/07)
Heavy curassier's sword-rapier / Munich sword (featured item 02/06)
Houndskull bascinet (featured item 02/05)
Crecy arming sword (added 02/04)
Roman helmet w/horsetail crest (fresh pictures 02/03)
GDFB arming cap - white / natural (featured item 02/02)
Swiss baselard dagger (added 02/01)
GDFB arming jack - black (featured item 01/31)
Classic Scottish dirk (featured item 01/20)
Viking spear head - broad blade (featured item 01/29)
Cervelliere helmet (featured item 01/28)
Kettle helm - ridged & fluted (fresh pictures 01/27)
Leather covered buckler with shield boss (featured item 01/26)
GDFB buckled gambeson - black (fresh pictures 01/25)
Revolutionary War cuttoe (featured item 01/24)
Barong machete (last call 01/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Recent
Additions and Featured Items catalog page -

Quote of the month:

"Combat is properly a sort of exercise through which the body will be trained to skill in wielding the weapon; then when one is trained in it, he must last arrange it in the work itself, and wield the weapon depending on what the opportunity requires; so the better trained he is, the better he will be able to meet every opportunity that happens." - Joachim Meyer, Art of Combat, 1570.