I started this billet out with full intentions of making a traditional seax.. but I changed my mind at the last minute. Partly because the composite blade has W2 on the working edge.... I find it so hard not to put a hamon on W2. So since it was starting to leave the arena of 'authentic', I just decided to do an inspired knife.

This is 12" over all length, 8" blade, forged from a composite billet of antique wrought iron on the spine and W2 on the edge. Clay quenched with hamon. 3/16" at guard with lovely distal taper. The copper s-guard has 'battle scar' filework. The wood is Claro walnut with through-peened (through tang) domed copper pins. The balance is just below the guard and just feels the way a fighter is supposed to feel..... light and fast!

I can provide more pics on request as this will go up for sale... $425 shipped. There is an option to have John Cohea make a sheath, or there are other options according to taste.