Hello fellow myArmoury members!
I'm not sure of the protocols on this site, but I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Benjamin Rial. I absolutely love history and of course particularly the history of weapons and armour. I am a custom bladesmith based in northern Minnesota. I've glanced at this site in the past and decided to join up. I research as much as I am able and am always thirsting for more knowledge, and this sure seems like the right place to learn more! I've been a historical reenactor of fur trade and medieval history for almost 18 years now and am the president of the White Oak Historical Society in Deer River, MN. Thanks for reading my drivel.
Welcome Benjamin!

It's good to see another Minnesotan join myArmoury. I'm originally from the Range, about 10 miles SE of G.R. out in the woods. (stuck in the Cities now)

Your mention of fur trade reenacting brought back fond memories. When I was much younger, my Boy Scout troop camped at a fur trade event for a weekend. They let us shoot black powder, throw axes and all sorts of other fun stuff. This was my first exposure to reenacting of any kind and it made a lasting impression. Funny how memories such as this stay buried in your grey matter until triggered.

Thank you and, again, welcome!
Welcome Benjamin

I spoke to you during the week about the Windblade sword which I soon hope to order from you and posted a link here to you site. i know a few people here who would like to see more photos of your swords ,it would be be great if you could post some photos here.

Hey James small world! Yeah, I'm trying to get better photos of everything by my camera equipment isn't exactly first class and I'm definitely not a pro photographer. Some of the pictures on my site are pretty old and need to be updated. I'll do my best to get some more pics on the site and on here.

Hey Scott, how's it going. I live about 16 miles SW of G.R. I was born and raised in the cities, but "escaped" back in '93. Do you do any historical reenacting?
Good evening Benjamin!

I hope you find this site as eye opening and informative as us all!
And remember never be afraid to ask questions answer questions or just open up!

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