Type XVIII arming sword
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Oakeshott Type: XVIII
Overall Length: 38-1/2 inches
Blade Length: 32 inches
Blade width @ Base: 1-3/4 inches
Blade Width 3 inches from point: 9/16 inch
Blade Thickness @ Base: .250 inch
Blade Thickness 3 inches from Point: .100 inch
Hilt Overall Length: 6-1/2 inches
Length of Handle: 3-3/4 inches (Base of pommel not included but effectively extends handle)
Guard type: 6 with octagonal-section arms
Pommel Type: V.1
Center of Gravity: 5.75 inches from guard
Location of Blade Node (measured from Guard): 19"-20" inches (blade is very rigid making it hard to judge precisely)
Primary Hilt Node: approx. 1/2 inch from cross on handle
Weight: 2lbs 8 oz

Historically inspired modern Type XII sword in the style of 15th C. arming swords. Blade is 5160 spring steel hardened to HRc58-60, then selectively drawn down to HRc45-48 through the spine, shoulders and tang. Pommel and Guard are mild steel. The hilt is dismountable using a 5mm. Allen sleeve nut countersunk into the pommel. The handle is sandwiched hardwood wrapped in real linen cord then covered in brown leather in an 'antique' finish. This sword is very lively in the hand with excellent point-control and tracking. This is a very rigid sword suited to either armored or unarmored use- a good 'all arounder.' I would keep this sword if I could!

The sword will be provided with a brown leather scabbard or may be furnished with a wood-cored leather-covered scabbard with metal furniture and sword-belt for an additional cost.

For more details go to http://tinkerswords.com/forsale.html
Nice! I keep wishing for the addition of a single-hand Type XVIII to the Hanwei-Tinker line. I love the other H-T blades I've tried. Any chance?
Sean Flynt wrote:
Nice! I keep wishing for the addition of a single-hand Type XVIII to the Hanwei-Tinker line.

It is possible...
Gorgeous and deadly! I really like the curved guard and the pommel.Stunning work. :D :cool:
Thank you! The cross was inspired by one in Records of the Medieval Sword but longer and leaner. I had intended to shorten it more but liked the look and in mid-process decided to leave it this length. I'm happy with that decision. The pommel was going to be a bit more ornate as well but I reached this point but the little artist that I keep chained up in my hind-brain worked his gag loose and yelled at me to stop at this point. I'm glad that I did; I'm quite pleased with the look.
So am I.

I picked it up today. :D

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