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Gambeson based on pattern (but not a full replica...) of french kings, Charles VIth (1368-1422) jupon/coat armour (Similar armour Was also worn by Peter Kreglinger on effigy from 1365). Original coat armour Was made to be worn over metal armour, and current gambeson can be worn under armour (over also - if it will fit)
Below photo of inspiration:

New and unused. Hand made out of thick linen, with cotton lining. To ensure that its gonna last and serve well - there are two layers of lining, and of outer surface linen.
Rows are stuffed with cotton and wool cabbages.
Made by Anna Blindcrow, quilted armour maker with over 5 years of experience, so satisfaction guaranteed:)

[ Linked Image ]

waist lenght: 48 cm x2
chest lenght: 58 cm x2
Lenght: 90 cm
lenght from neck to end of sleeve: 83 cm
weight: 5,6 kg

"Model" on photo is 178 cm tall. Gambeson looks even better life than on photos.

Preffered payment type: bank wire transfer

Price - 250 USD / 189 Euro / 159 GBP

Shipping - unfortunately expensive to USA - 70 USD
To UK/IReland - 30 Euro / 25 GBP
To other European countries - pm, or send a post - i`ll check - probably under 40 Euro