Potential Practice Partners in Cincinnati?
Wow, look at the alliteration in that title! You have no idea how tempted I was to say "Porkopolis," but I was afraid even some Cincinnatians might not know that one.

Anyway, a long while ago I posted a thread about making a buckler from cheap materials. I got a 6" stainless steel mixing bowl, a piece of plywood, and some screws, and if I don't say so myself I made a pretty serviceable little practice shield. Unfortunately I can't find the component of my phone that will let me post up what pictures I did take.

Following my buckler success (regarding which I was inordinately excited, I should say) I contacted the people over at New Stirling Arms, and they sent me a single-handed long waster, which is even more fun than the buckler. Here is my problem, however: I had wanted to interpret and practice the forms/plays of I.33, but I came quickly to realize that there is little more than the wards themselves to practice, and that any actual strikes or plays necessitate a partner.

So (finally) we come to the point of my post. I'm basically the only person I know (in real life, anyway) with such an interest in swords and historical fencing. And I live in Cincinnati. Do any of the awesome folks from myArmoury live in Cincinnati, and would those same folks perhaps be interested in meeting up sometime to look over the I.33 and perhaps try a little interpretation? That would be sweet, and I'd love to have someone to practice with, so I can actually start getting some exercise and real activity out of my mock-weapons.

So. Anyone in the Cincy area whose interested, hit me up, either with a PM or by just responding to this thread. And hopefully we can do some swordplay sometime in the future. Thanks, everybody.

P.S. Let me also say that myArmoury is awesome, as I'm sure all the frequenters are well aware. This is the only place where I'd ask something like this, because this is one of the few places online where a history geek can come to talk about one of his passions with knowledgable, friendly people. Anyway, three cheers, myArmoury people. Tell me if you're interested!
I'm in Cincinnati (well, just on the north side), though I'm far from awesome. :) I'm interested in meeting other folks for sure. I'm also interested in learning more about the martial aspects. But, I'm trying to finish a doctorate degree so I don't necessarily have time to start regular drilling, etc.
Far from awesome! Chad, you and Nathan are the foremost respectables on this site, man. I consider you at least fairly awesome.

That would be cool to meet up sometime in the future--I'd love to get more involved with different swordplay exercises. In fact, I thought I wasn't interested, but I find myself drawn more and more to longsword as well as sword and buckler (messerfecthen, too...), so I'd be up for various traditions and weapons.

I do remember that you and a few others were talking about a (semi)annual Cincy get-together not so long ago, so hopefully there are other people on the site who'd be interested in the same thing. We shall see. Anyway, I hope someday soon we can meet up and wax martial for a while.

Oh, if it's not prying, do you mind if I ask what your doctorate is in?
Connor Ruebusch wrote:
Oh, if it's not prying, do you mind if I ask what your doctorate is in?

Music, of all things. :) The coursework is completed. I have the Qualifying Exams scheduled for January. After that comes a Comprehensive Exam and an Oral Exam. Then just a lecture recital and the document left.....

If anyone is interested in more info about the music side of Chad, check out the website in my signature. :)
Wow, those videos are really impressive. I actually play guitar, myself, though my classical skills are not nearly up to par at the moment.

Edited to add: Aside from interest in practicing together, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to useful books to begin interpretation of I.33, including books with the plates and translations (my Medieval Latin is nonexistent, Classical barely begun), and any "how-to" books that include possible interpretations. Thanks much.
Hey, I saw Robert Hinds' post on groups local to his area and thought I might amend this topic to ask for similar recommendations. What's the closest HEMA group to Cincinnati, OH?

Hopefully this also serves as a bump to any that might be interested in getting together to practice a little swordplay but missed my topic the first time around.

The closest groups to Cincinnati that I know of are Schola Saint George in Columbus, OH; ARMA Columbus, OH and Schola Saint George Indianapolis. However, I am sure their are more.

The best way to attract people in your area is to form a "Meetup" group here: http://www.meetup.com/find/ Meetup works great for forming, finding and attracting HEMA groups and or members.
Awesome, thanks for the information, Allen. I'll check that site out now. Do you know anything about about Schola Saint George? I'd considered ARMA, but I'm just a little skeptical about enrolling in that particular school at the moment. If it's not cool to discuss the merits of schools in a thread like this, then I apologize, and let me know Nathan!
To be honest with you Connor, it probably wouldn't broaden your chance to land in a good group by eliminating options in an apparent HEMA blackhole like Cincinnati. I really don't have any experience with members of Schola St. George other than i know that they've been around for a while.

Your best bet is to join up with one of the ones in your area or attach yourself to another national group that is looking to expand into Cincinnati or try to hook up with Chad and all his contacts. Now that's an idea!

Sorry I couldn't be more help. :(
Oh that's alright, you've been plenty helpful. Yeah, I really don't know what the deal is. Perhaps Cincy just isn't a big enough city to warrant much attention by the HEMA community, though I find it hard to believe there isn't anybody interested in it like me out there. Maybe Chad could lend me a hand with finding other people on the site who live in my area or something. Who knows--maybe I could drive up to Columbus every once and a while to try and find a group. Anyway, thanks for your help, Allen. I appreciate it.
Connor Ruebusch wrote:
Maybe Chad could lend me a hand with finding other people on the site who live in my area or something.

I'd be happy to help wherever I can, but I'd rather not have what is essentially a conversation between two people out here on the forums. Other people don't need to read that. :)
Gotcha! Sorry if that was impolite. I'll send you a message, Chad.

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