Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on TherionArms (and the
TherionArms fan page on facebook) over the past month -

U.S. M1850 foot officer's sword (added 11/22)
Full-visor sallet (featured item 11/21)
Two-handed skeggox axe (fresh pictures 11/20)
Archer's gambeson - green (fresh pictures 11/19)
Coustille dagger / shortsword (fresh pictures 11/18)
Anatomically correct vambraces (featured item 11/17)
Leather & steel vambraces (fresh pictures 11/16)
German Gothic arm harness (featured item 11/15)
Padded cuisses leather cops - black (featured item 11/14)
French poignard (fresh pictures 11/13)
Silver dagger (fresh pictures 11/12)
Cobra Steel kindjal (fresh pictures 11/11)
Roman gladius (featured item 11/10)
Federschwert - German training sword (featured item 11/09)
German Gothic mitten gauntlets (featured item 11/08)
Pipe tomahawk (featured item 11/07)
Indian damascus khanjar dagger (featured item 11/06)
Solingen dagger / main gauche (featured item 11/05)
antique Pygmy or Zande broadsword (featured item 11/04)
Houndskull bascinet (featured item 11/03)
Norman helmet - hinged nasal (featured item 11/02)
Angus Trim I-Beam longsword (featured item 11/01)
Barong machete (listed on closeout 10/31)
Wind & Thunder katana (featured item 10/30)
Practical Kung Fu dao broadsword (featured item 10/29)
Chinese butterfly swords (featured item 10/28)
decorative flamberge zweihander (featured item 10/27)
Austrian longsword (featured item 10/26)
Finnish viking sword - damascus steel (added 10/25)
US M1860 Naval cutlass (added 10/24)
Steel stiletto (featured item 10/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Recent Additions and Featured Items catalog page -

In this holiday season, remember this admonition:

"God spede you ; goth forth and lay on fast. With longe swerd and with mase fighteth your fill." -- Geoffrey Chaucer