How long did Brazil-nut pommels survive?
I've been reading some of the older threads on Brazil nut pommels, and the information contained therein raised a whimsical question in my head. I've heard a lot about this type of pommel surviving well into the 12th century. But what about the 13th? Say, if I were to wear an Albion Gaddhjalt or A&A St. Maurice with a 13th century kit, would I be able to pull it off without looking like a fool to historically-aware people? And would I have to resort to the "I'm wearing my (great-)grandpa's sword" explanation in that situation? My guess is that it'd be more plausible than in the later centuries (say, 14th and later) where fashions in sword types evolved a little bit faster, but I had better have a really good reason to carry something that was otherwise so outdated (say, a heirloom sword believed to have brought luck to the family for several generations). Does that even come within a mile of being correct?
There were many variants of a brazil nut pommels and some are often described as more typical for 11th or 12th century like for example St. Maurice of Vienna, and some are supposedly more typical for 13th century, like St. Maurice of Turin. But I have seen some very different datings for same swords and pommel types, so I'm also not sure what to think. If someone knows more about this brazil nut "mini typology", please enlighten us. ;)
I'm pretty sure there are a few illustrated in the mid 13th century Maciejowski Bible. I believe that Oakeshott mentions that their appearance in that work led earlier scholars to consider them later rather than earlier.
This might also help:
especially Kirk's last post.
There is a statue in the Cloisters, from Poblet, showing a nice example. The only reference I have says that it's from the XIII century, and cannot be too wrong due to the knights equipment: both the knoght and his horse have a surcoat.

I've been unabvle to find any photo in the Cloisters web :( , perhaps you have more luck.

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