Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on TherionArms (and the TherionArms fan page on facebook) over the past month -

Pattern-welded Saxon sword (added 10/22)
Coustille dagger / shortsword (featured item 10/21)
17th century dagger (featured item 10/20)
Greek helmet with horsetail crest (featured item 10/19)
Roman officer's Attic style helmet (featured item 10/18)
GDFB pullover gambeson - white (featured item 10/17)
Steel buckler (featured item 10/16)
Spangenhelm - flared nasal (fresh pictures 10/15)
Phyrgian nasal helmet (fresh pictures 10/14)
Outrider Bowie knife (featured item 10/13)
Cobra Steel Spartan xiphos (fresh pictures 10/12)
Ribbed-shell swept hilt rapier (added 10/11)
Ribbed-shell rapier companion dagger (added 10/10)
'Practical' series Austrian longsword (featured item 10/09)
'Practical' series arming sword (featured item 10/08)
Venetian sallet with bevor (featured item 10/07)
Maille coif with vertical ventail (featured item 10/06)
Viscaine dagger (featured item 10/05)
Baselard dagger (featured item 10/04)
Valiant Armoury Bristol arming sword (featured item 10/03)
Persian shamshir (featured item 10/02)
Lowlander 'Hero' greatsword (fresh pictures 10/01)
Yang saber (featured item 09/30)
Spanish cup-hilt rapier / Taza rapier (fresh pictures 09/29)
Sinclair saber (featured item 09/28)
Dutch East India VOC cutlass (featured item 09/27)
M1833 US Dragoon saber (added 09/26)
custom Chinese war sword (presented to Yuen Woo Ping 09/25)
custom Practical German longsword (presented to Roger Corman 09/24)
antique Moroccan koumiya (featured item 09/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Recent Additions and Featured Items catalog page:

Check out the custom swords listed on 09/24 and 09/25 - serious coolness!

Quote of the month:
"May I ask one more question?" said one of my friends. "I have often heard it said that if you don't know much about fencing the best thing to do is, as soon as you come on guard, to make a sudden rush at the other man before he has time to collect himself." "Well," I replied, "if you wish to make sure of being incurably spitted, that is the most infallible way to set about it." -- Baron Cesar de Bazancourt, Secrets of the Sword, The Tenth Evening XII.