15th Century Doublet by GDFB
Hello all, I know this question isn't about arms or armour...but since the label of this forum included "general history" I thought it was acceptable. :)

Since many people who frequent these forums are not only knowledgable when it comes to weapons and armour, they also seem relatively knowledgable in period clothing, I decided this was the best place (besides being the only...) to ask my question.

This doublet is listed as being 15thc in style, but it doesn't look like anything I have seen from that period, would it be suitable for a WOTR era kit?


Thank you in advance for your help, and sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this in. :)
I would not call it accurate. You would be far better off making your own... Despite the claims of some people, it really isn't that hard. Reconstructing History has some pretty decent patterns to chose from.
I know many people are quite fine with machine sewing... I am not. I am a big advocator of doing it by hand. Which doesn't consume that much time. I have hand sewn a 16th century doublet, minus buttons and holes, in two-three hours. I also prefer hand sewing as you can watch a movie as your doing it. The only thing to keep in mind (to quote a friend) is that simply hand sewing something doesn't make it historically accurate.

If you are intent on purchasing one pre-made, these manufacturers are generally better...
Historic Enterprises
Revival Clothing

I can't suggest one specifically as I am not sure of the kit you are going for... other then mid-late fifteenth century.

I thought it didn't look too accurate, thanks.

I might consider making my own, but im 18 and don't have that much free time, my dad would probably not like me sitting inside sewing instead of helping him outside anyways. :p

I've seriously considered both of those companys and will probably end up ordering from them sooner or later, but all their doublets are $200+...which means I wouldnt be able to buy them 'till next year on my current kit-building budget.

Thank you very much for your help. :)

Ps. and as for my kit im going for 1470's billman.
Don't forget to show us when you're done!
To extend what Hadrian said: sewing a doublet isn't that difficult (kudos to you for interlining, lining and constructing a doublet by hand in under 3 hours!) but the tailoring of the garment requires more skill than many appreciate.

A doublet must be cut and fitted to the body so that it is both tight but allows full freedom of movement. Unless you are an extremely 'standard' shape (if that's not an oxymoron!) making a garment straight from a pattern will not necessarily give you the correct fit. Most people then compensate by making the doublet bigger to allow movement, rather than fitting better

There's a very good reason why a doublet costs $200+...
Thanks for enlightening me on that glennan, I always wondered why they cost so much. :)
If you're going to go down the route of making your own kit (and I highly recommend it) I'd suggest getting hold of a copy of Sarah Thursfield's book The Medieval Tailor's Assistant.


The book covers all you'll need to know about tailoring and constructing medieval garments.
The pattern drafting, cutting, etc. added time I was not considering in that figure. The actual sewing itself is what took two-three hours... but I have gotten pretty fast at hand-sewing.
I would second the Medieval Tailors Assistant.
Are you in a 15th century group? If so, it may be beneficial to talk to the group leader(s) as there may be patterns and such available.
No i'm not, unfortunately the only group we have around my area is an elizebethan group. :( The main reason I was interested in a doublet was so that I would have a lighter kit I could substitute for my armour when I was at a renn faire on those hot days...its gonna be murder wearing an arming jack during the summer.

Making my own kit is pretty much out of the question seeing as how I have little to no experience in sewing and the like, and not much free time to begin with. :\

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