Having just bought this sword to use as a heavy cutter and as a companion to my Albion Baron I must say it is a lot of sword for the money. In a previous post asking for information I learned of an excellent review and very favorable comments by those who are familiar with it. I weighed it myself and found that it wieghed 3 lbs 7 oz on my scale whereas the catalog stated 3 lbs 14 oz. Both the Baron and the GSoW weigh exactly the same although I am only using the catalog weight for the Baron. The Great Sword of War is sharp and as Tinker says was made for heavy cutting rhather than reenactment. As it was made for this and this is why I bought I decided to put it to the test. Below is the link to the video showing the cutting results with this sword. As you can see it hews and cleaves just fine ( ok, for backyard cutters, it cuts!)


Oh yes the blade is 35 and 7/8 inches not 36 7/8 inches long.