1340-1350 sabatons
Are these ok?
(nl 2.4)
Or a simplier model?
If yes, where can I purchase them?


Greetings, Augusto!
I think that there are mouch more knowledgable people in this forum than me, but I think that this link might help you!
I hope I was able to help.
To answer your question: maybe.

János Sibinger provided a very nice link. I would also suggest Effigies and Brasses.

This is the exact period that I am most interested in as well! You will find a huge variation in foot protection during this very exciting period. From mail to basic plates covering the top of the foot to sabatons similar to the product you highlighted.

Best Armour does produce some very nice armour and I believe you would be very satisfied with their product.

I picked up a pair from Illusion Armouring and provided a short review here.
The sabaton your interested in, appear to be based on the famous Chartres Cathedral pair made for Dauphin of France about 1380.
Amour techniques changed a lot in the thirty year from 1350 to 1380, so how married are you to a kit from 1340 to 1350?

My guess is that sabaton from 1340 to 1350 would be a little simpler in construction, probably articulated on leather rather then riveted steel plate to steel plate. If you are a bit of a do it yourself type, Douglas Strong of Talbot's Fine Accessories http://talbotsfineaccessories.com has a leg pattern for Sir John d’Aubernon the Younger (d. 1340-1345) http://talbotsfineaccessories.com/books/metalwork.htm which has an interpretation of stabtons of the period you are interested in. The sabatons would be quite easy to make, some of the other parts like the greaves are not so easy, but fun.


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