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Recently, I was invited to participate in a Reality TV pilot on jousting. Having been out of the game for nearly 3 years, I must admit, I needed a helm fast to joust in. I picked up one of the large, 14ga GDFB Venetian Sallets (with little hope for it to either fit or stand up to a real joust) and Bevors. I was pleasantly surprised at how solid this helm is and how well it performed at solid lance jousting (more on that later).

The helm is described as:

Large (26" circumference)

The sallet (or salade) was worn with Gothic armor across much of Europe throughout the second half of the 15th century. This reproduction of a Venetian sallet features a reinforced brow plate, a moveable visoror, brass rivets and plume holder, and a separate bevor for protection of the jaw and throat. This would be an excellent jousting helmet. Both the helm and the bevor are crafted in 14 gauge steel by GDFB (Get Dressed For Battle).

This helm stood up to not 1, not 2, but 3 direct shots (with a 10' 1 5/8" solid lance) to the visor and bevor sustaining only a very minor dent in the bevor. For use in current SCA style jousting and even in IJL-style balsa jousting, I would agree that this helm is more than adequate However, I want to do some of Rod Walker's solid lance, steel coronel jousting and I would prefer something a bit more beefier (and with more coverage).

I took out the leather liner and have "friction installed" (stuck in) a period stuffed liner. This and my padded coif made the fit exceptional and I didn't have any trouble with vision (well, except for the visor shot, but I could still see). Here are some pics from Hal's site and from the joust taping.

Oh yeah, mine did not come with the nice brass plume holder (I have no idea why not). However, my squire worked for hours and build one from scratch that has been attached to the helm. Just an fyi.

Kult of Athena sells this for $160 (I wish that I had gone there) and I will sell it for the same plus shipping. Please feel free to ask any questions.