These are nearing completion today so I thought I'd post a progress report.

The Mortuary sword requires polishing and sharpening as well as decorating the guard (crudely). The Basket hilt needs a good dressing and polishing plus a handle then I think I'll brown it, the pommel cap needs to be tapped as well - the recessed cap being a new departure for me, thus far quite pleased with it!

Both swords are made from a billet of spring steel with the guards cut from a sheet of 3/16th mild, cutting down the need for welding. I may well make a second mortuary hilt and will probably weld the side guards on as this allows better definition. I'll also go back to the tried and tested 4'' grinder, there's just too much scope for things going wrong with a plasma cutter. I'll also get around to wrapping the grips and wiring them, the wiring being the hardest and most frustrating part of the process for me, will post some pictures when they're finished.

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