Frederick was elected once again in 1212 and crowned 9 December 1212 in Mainz; yet another coronation ceremony took place in 1215.
The German princes, supported by Innocent III, again elected Frederick king of Germany in 1215, and he was crowned king in Aachen on 23 July 1215 by one of the three German archbishops.
Does anyone know if the sword was the St. Maurice?
Frederick was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in Rome by Honorius III on 22 November 1220. At the same time Frederick's oldest son Henry took the title of King of the Romans.
It seems certain that Frederick II was crowned in Rome in 1220 with the ceremonial sword not with the imperial sword (St. Maurice)
Does anyone know the rules for the ceremonial 's coronation of Holy Roman Empire in particular for the sword to use?

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