Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on TherionArms (and the TherionArms fan page on facebook) over the past month -

Vietnamese mak (featured item 08/22)
Colichemarde sword (fresh pictures 08/21)
Flat-sided sgian dubh (featured item 08/20)
Spanish bilbo sword (listed on closeout, last call 08/19)

(08/06 - 08/18: The Pennsic Interregnum)

Norman helmet - hinged nasal (featured item 08/05)
Norman helmet - antiqued (listed on closeout 08/04)
Mortuary sword - antiqued (fresh pics, last call 08/03)
Cup-hilt / Taza rapier - antiqued (fresh pics, last call 08/02)
Practical rapier (fresh pictures 08/01)
Bodice & Boot dagger (listed on closeout 07/31)
Cobra Steel falcata (fresh pictures 07/30)
Musashi katana (featured item 07/29)
Kettle helm - special order (added 07/28)
Spangenhelm - straight nasal (fresh pictures 07/27)
Chinese war sword - dadao (fresh pictures 07/26)
'Practical' series German longsword (featured item 07/25)
Searles/Fowler Bowie knife (fresh pictures 07/24)
Spontoon pipe tomahawk (featured item 07/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Recent Additions and Featured Items catalog page -

Since updates were sparse this month, here's a longer quote, an explanation of Hollywood ninja that I found somewhere and didn't copy the attribute on:

"People in training to become ninja were issued black outfits, crappy swords, small sharp pieces of metal that were more of an annoyance than a deadly weapon, and egg shells filled with noxious chemicals. To survive while so equipped they had to be utterly cunning and masterfully dexterous. Imagine tripping and falling while carrying around a bunch of eggs that will explode if broken, stored next to sharp shards of metal, which are stored next to your torso. If you lived long enough you got to take off the idiotic costume and pass it on to the next poor trainee.

If the ninja needed to assassinate someone they would have a bunch of costumed initiates attack, throwing eggs full of smoke powder and shuriken while hopping around like idiots. With the guards properly distracted, the assassin, who had been put in place months in advance as a close adviser or other such figure, would prick the target with a carefully concealed poisoned needle, killing them without any evidence. Then the costumed ninja would vanish/run away, having mysteriously managed to perform the assassination."

Makes sense, doesn't it?