Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:52 am Post subject: 2 DAY PRE-ORDER CHAINMAIL SALE!!!!


I am putting in an express order for chainmail. In this industry, that means you get it in a month or 2 instead of 6-8 months.

I am giving you all a chance to order any Mild Steel chainmail we carry for 25% off! If I have it in stock, you get it right away. If you do not want it right away, you can pay half down now and pay the other half when it comes in and ships to you.

This includes all 9mm flat ring riveted steel, 6mm round riveted and 6mm flat ring riveted maille. Sorry no butted maille. If it is already on sale, you get either the 25% off or the sale price; whichever is better.

Either way, you get a great deal.

Mention the sale when you order.

You only have 2 days to do it though as I have to put the order in.