Hello all, I was wondering about the symbols that soldiers would put on their helms in the late 15th cent (after 1470 anyway).
My persona would be a Swiss halberdier. He is a mercenary, so anything in the areas of Italy, the Burgundian counties, and Germany would work.
As my persona (like almost anyone else) would be Catholic (and I am IRL, so this all works out well) I was thinking of the old standbys of religious symbolism.
I am using the GDFB jack chains (w/ elbows) and jaw bone sallet, and that is what will get painted. (Only the large elbows on the jack chains.)
What symbols should I use as the motif? I was thinking about the Maltese cross, but the hospitallers were especially fond of that, and I don't want to infringe in any Medieval equalivent of trademarks...
Anything like that thats especially swiss/burgundian/german?
All answers are appreciated, thanks.