Someone had to ask, may as well be me... show off your Roman-style short Caesar-Stabbers!

First pic (L to R): Deepeeka "embossed" pugio, Hanwei, Del Tin, Soul of the Warrior

Second pic: Don't know who made it. I lucked into it on eBay. Rarely will I buy something off eBay unless I'm sure of it's provinance; I forsook my own advice and took a risk -- and it paid off well, I'd say. Despite being heavily patinated (not a bad thing, IMO), it "feels" right and looks to be highly accurate, including the scabbard (the "embossed" decorative plates seem to be brazed, not riveted as on the Deepeeka. This is a more accurate method of construction. Plus the scabbard is lined with wood covered in leather, and is not just metal). I have a feeling this was used by a British Roman reenactment group (Ermine Street Gaurd, perhaps? There are several Roman groups in the UK).

If anyone has any ideas as to it's source, let me know... the guys I bought it from (Michael D. Long, as the pic states) didn't have any decent documentation (ordinarily a red flag, but like I said, I went for it anyway...)....

(the pic is from Michael D. Long, in case you weren't sure.....)

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