For Sale or Trade: Albion Squire
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have an Albion Squire with a brown grip in mint condition that I would
like to sell / trade. I acquired this sword via a trade with another forumite
who had it posted here as well. No nicks, solid as I received it.

If you're interested in a straight-out purchase :

$ 650 is my asking price.

This will include shipping via UPS in the USA. I would prefer to sell in the
USA as well. This price does not reflect the current Albion price because
it was definitely purchased beforehand. I prefer a MoneyOrder, but will
consider a personal check with regards to your history here at myArmoury.

As for my interests in a trade ?

I would do a straight-up trade for an Albion Vinland or Gotland.
I will also consider such for an Albion Gladius -- any of their current
models OR any of the second generation.
I will also consider the Kris Cutlery Gladius w/scabbard plus a bit
of cash.

However, if you have an interesting idea ? Feel free to toss it my way.
Sorry, no pictures at this time. Thankyou for looking.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Other considerations for a straight-up trade, or a trade and
a bit of cash :

Kris Cutlery's Celtic Sword ( plus some cash )
Kris Cutlery's Viking Sword ( plus some cash )

A fully mounted Japanese-style Wakizashi ( for
instance a Bugei Shobu Wakizashi ). I might be
willing to toss in some cash on my end if it is a
known product and in a condition as good as my
Albion ( but nothing of value above what I'm asking
for my Albion ) ...

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