ODINBLADES Longsword by Mr. John Lundemo.
Good Day. I have always admired the art of Mr. Lundemo, though I felt that it was beyond my reach. Last fall, John acknowledged that people were suffering financially, and I learned that he had made a decision to join the suffering, by offering to work for a lesser rate. Quite a bit less... After a bit of correspondence, I learned that I indeed could own one of his works of art. I put in a request for a Longsword with a fishtail pommel. John looked after the rest. Last week I received an email indicating that the sword had been sent. Sure enough, there was a wooden crate at the post office. I rushed home, unscrewed the cover, and began to remove the bubblewrap...and smiled hard. I was honestly expecting something very plain. How pleased I was to discover a carved pommel that was coloured, and a coloured guard. The sword is simply perfect, and I love it more each day. I felt the need to share a couple of pictures, and also let the less than wealthy know that they could also own a one of a kind blade, for less than the cost of many production pieces. I am very pleased and thankful towards Mr. Lundemo for offering this opportunity to myself and others. Thanks John. You are an artist.

Here are the physical specs.

Overall length: 46"/1169mm
Blade length: 36"/915mm
Blade width at cross: 2"/50.8mm
Hilt : 10"/254mm
Cross: 10"/254mm
Mass: 2lbs-13ozs/1276g
Center of gravity: 5"/127mm below the cross.
Center of percussion: 22"/559mm below the cross.
Blade thickness at the cross: 0.21"/5.3mm
Blade thickness 12"/305mm below the cross: 0.19"/4.7mm
Blade thickness 24"/610mm below the cross: 0.15"/3.7mm
Blade thickness 1"/25.4mm from the point: 0.08"/2.0mm
Blade thickness at COP: 0.16"/4.2mm

This is an incredible sword to handle and to behold. It is flawless and razor sharp. I am pleased that I made no attempt to influence the design. I love this sword.

On a sidenote, John and his brother Eric are also musical artists. Mr. Lundemo has a very interesting voice. The music is heavy progressive. They are called Silent Kings.

Thanks to myArmoury for the chance to share this sword. It is great one.

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I am not a sword expert. I am not an artist. I do know when I see something I like.

To me, this piece looks as if a professional man-at-arms would carry it, not some namby-pamby prince or road side thug.

It has a simple, brutal, tastefully understated elegance.

Congratulations R. Connors, you are very fortunate.
Very attractive sword not so much simple as clean and sculptural lines. From your description of the blade dimensions it sounds like an agile but still robust weapon without an ounce of unnecessary mass but every bit of mass having a purpose.

Congratulations and I'm happy you could afford to get a sword from such a good sword maker " artist " who gave you much more than you expected and certainly didn't cut corners in quality and design even if his asking price was lower than it would normally have been if the economy hadn't taken a plunge.

Thanks for sharing in pics your joy in having received such a great sword in both senses of the word. :D :cool:
Yes that is a very piece! John does amazing work. I like his stuff. Enjoy it and i feel sorry for whatever pool noodles, tatami, or whatever else gets between you and the blade...
Looks nice enough...at least in the photos.

Hope you get much joy from the sword.
While not my preferred style, that appears to be a very well executed sword. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for posting your new Odinblade! I've always admired John's work and look forward to his customers posting pictures of thier new swords.

Your sword is simply beautiful, especially that glossy, obsidian like pommel. John really "sculpts" amazing detail into the steel. Grats on an awsome centerpiece.

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