looking for reenactment pollaxe makers
hi all i spent the summer looking through shows to see if i could find one for combat use sadly i did not find any. i have a specific type in mind. i only want european makers as shipping will be high. its paramount it will be made safe for use and would be better if i can discuss what i want with the maker. if i can find ones for sale even better. im looking for one with an axe face and a hammer face with a decent rounded spike and butt spike.
so can anyone help me?
Contact Tom at Combatant's Keep (http://www.combatantskeep.com/) he had an awesome poleax at last Friday's joust event in Wisconsin that he fought with.

He hand makes all of them personally and they completely rock!
thanks for the suggestion i really am grateful for any help.
There are plenty of European makers too.

Look at the lot of british makers. There is at least one I buy my staff arms from in Germany. And Eastern Europe has some makers too.
could you list some?
Well, my trusted smith is Manfred Pany: http://www.manfred-pany.de/ He does pices to your order

Dressed to Kill from the UK does them: http://www.dtok.fsnet.co.uk/ (No experience myself, but I heard good from other people)

Arma Bohemia dictributes the work from different smiths: http://www.armabohemia.cz/index.htm

I am sure there are more. Ben van Koert once talked about some dutch makers, maybe you can look up his threads.

There are plenty more, that I donīt have all the website and names for.
Hi. I ordered a pollaxe from www.lightswords.cz . This guy does not have any catalogue-pieces, but produces only custom orders. I havenīt seen py pollaxe right now, but his other weapons look awesome and he is really cheap. The pollaxe with an axeblade at the front, a hammerhead at the backside an a rounded spike on top, everything rounded for free-fighting, costs ca. 130,- Euros. He even managed to build it with a max. weight of 2,0 kg at a lenght of ca. 1,80m, what allows me to use this nice piece of weaponry in several free-fight tournaments.
Just check his homepage...
hi florian with a price like that i may wait and see what yours turns out like. any idea when it might arrive? and when it does would you mind posting pictures and a review?
It will hopefully arrive within the next two weeks . Of course, I will post some pics and write a short review.
excellent i look forward to reading it.

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