For Sale: Tod's Scottish Dirk with Black Horn Handle
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

My thanks for Chad Arnow for setting this sale up - even if he were unaware! I have the first (at least to my knowledge) black horn grip, brass-mounted Scottish dirk that Tod made. It is identical in all respects to the first image in Chad's thread in the Historical Arms talk forum. I acquired this item several years ago and it is in mint condition. The scabbard may differ slightly from the one illustrated but I believe they are virtually identical. I have two of this style dirk in my collection and must, alas, part with one and I know there is a ready market for Tod's fine reproductions.

I will consider trades for high end Scottish items from Vince Evans or Glenn McClain (except for skeins of any sort). I am particularily interested in a lowland dirk/dagger with a crossguard or an even earlier "dirk" with the hexagonal drudgeon style.

Otherwise this dirk was about $600 US and I will sell it for what I paid. If you have been contemplating ordering a great dirk from a master craftsman WITH NO WAIT this is your opportunity.

If anyone has questions, you can call at 800-394-1250 any weekday betwenn 9AM and 6PM CDST.

Thanks for looking and reading!

This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I going to bump this up a bit with some additional thoughts. I was discussing this dirk with Nathan the other day and he mentioned how it was a little pedestrian for his taste..a bit plain, etc. and this caused me to do some thinking that I want to share for whatever it's worth.

As many of you already know, there was a tradition even back to Medieval days of "mourning swords"; swords, rings and other paraphenalia that were worn for a period of several months to a year when in mourning for a death of a family member, lord, lieu of the more elaborate and ornate daily ones.

I have developed a theory that that is exactly what this dirk was made for, a period of mourning. It is plain and it is certainly, well black. Just as swords were plain hilted for mourning periods, why not a dirk as well? In lieu of other theories as to why a dirk would be made out of black horn, I'm going to posit that perhaps the one illustrated in Wallace (of which this is a copy) represents a weapon carried to match the somber clothing of a period of mourning. For one thing, the original shows very little signs of wear which would be in keeping with the general line of thinking.

To my mind, this makes this dirk a tad more unusual, and perhaps unique. I can certaily see it carried by a reenactor in a mourning persona and, of course, it goes without saying that it's a really nice piece period.

Hope this generates some interest. And, by the way, the reason for parting with it is duplication. I have two of these and I think that's one too many so I hope and wish a good home for this one.
For Sale: Tod's Stuff Black Horn-hilted dirk
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I have tried to sell this dirk before but - embarrassingly - could not locate it after my wife and daughter "straightened-up" my office! It came to light this weekend, so it is back on the market. I would like $425.00 plus shipping. The dirk is in "like-new" condition and has never been used or carried. It is an excellent dirk but is a duplication in my collection. Please PM if you are interested.

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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available


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