Quick solution for GDFB helmet straps?
I'm sure the problem of GDFB helmet Y chin-straps has given rise to a whole cottage-industry of do-it-yourself fixes.

I can't believe, with all the complaints, they haven't fixed the problem themselves and given us usable straps that would fit anyone whose face does not resemble that of a horse (of Charles V's, as I've seen one poster cleverly refer to).

Here's the fix I'm thinking to do on my barbute:

1 - Cut the straps about 1" short of the Y bifurcation, and re-stitch the ends if needed (although the leather layers are glued together, so this should not be immediately necessary)

2 - Use some kind of tie between them to go under my chin

For point 2, I've tried the ties of the arming cap, and they actually work pretty well. I loop them inside-to-outside the Y portion of the straps, tie them under my chin and they seem to hold the whole ensemble pretty closely together.

I'm also thinking (I know, not historical, but I'm not an absolute stickler for authenticity - I'd rather be comfortable when I fight) to sew a sturdy piece of elastic ribbon to one of the straps, add a eyelet and a button somewhere and make the whole thing nice and tight and not reliant on knots (which invariably come loose).

Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone had better ideas - short of ripping off the lining, riveting, stuffing, annealing, reshaping, or anything else for which the Gods gave me zero talent....

What do you plan to wear under the helmet (arming cap, coif)? I too have this issue and I am assuming that once I add these items to my kit that the chin strap will fit better.

Although it definitely needs something to keep the strap end from dangling down.

Also, you can tie the lace at the crown tighter/shorter so the helmet rides higher which makes the strap fit closer to the chin.
Hi, Richard -

Yes, I do plan on wearing the arming cap underneath. I've already made the lining a bit tighter, although I have to take into account the placement of my eyes in relation to the T-face portion of the barbute (sorry, I didn't mention which kind I had).

I too have the T-Face and yes the eyes still need to line up.

One other thing I am planning on trying is a padded crown (sorry if there is an historical name for this) as in the attached photo. Either on the arming cap or more than likely over the mail coif.

All of this may or may not help with the strap.

If memory serves me, there was a thread that dealt with someone altering a GDFB strap but I do not know where it is now. If someone doesn't come up with it I will do a little searching. Right now I am already late for work. Swords and armor are so much more fun.

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There was some extensive discussion of the GDFB Y-chin strap problem in this thread, but I don't recall an easy solution being discovered. Fortunatly, my GDFB bascinet did not come with a chin strap so I was able to make my own from scratch.

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