Is this a poleax?
Hi :)

We know a fighting manual of "Flos Duellatorum(The Flower of Battle)" written by Fiore Dei Liberi.

I'am interested in this weapon.
It was written in some site that this weapon is a poleax(with rope).
[ Linked Image ]
I have some questions. :?:
# Is this weapon a poleax? (What name is it precisely?) :?:
# Does this weapon exist? :?:
# Is there the picture which this weapon is used for? :?:
# Was this weapon used in battle/duel? :?:

thanks :)
Looks like they're about to roast some tofu over a fire. No idea what that is. Looking forward to finding out. :)
I would guess it is more of a pole hammer.
Could it be a maul? What is intriguing is the whip or chain at the end of it. Maybe the weight at the end gives more momentum to the lash ?
I was thinking that it looked like a godendag and found this topic:

The rope on the end looks to me like something used for wrapping around legs to trip or destabilize the opponent.

Okay guys, enough speculation. :wtf: Tom Leoni made a nice translation & very inexpensive. Buy it at & read it.

Fiore describes two "trick" poleaxes, probably more as something to look out for as he mentions that the honourable Marquis would never use such things. The first has a salt shaker head filled with blinding powder. The second has a detachable weight on a lanyard to trip an opponent. These are not part of the system of combat. Much of the manuscript is conversational, describing actions and giving advice to Marquis Nicolo d'Este. This is something worthy of mention because a powerful, important man should be aware of many things. I would liken them to the fanciful weapons and devices Talhoffer describes a couple generations later.

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