Migration period sword types
Hello people! So, I have seen the picture of 4 Behmer migration period sword types, but no dates. Is there any chart or something? I would like to know a chronology of these types...
You mean this picture?

[ Linked Image ]

Unfortunately (or not) this seems to be Oakeshott's simplified version of Behmer's typology as laid down in "Das zweischneidige Schwert der germanischen Völkerwanderungszeit". Maybe it's based on an article by Behmer I'm not aware of...

Behmer's typology has 9 types, and is based on similarities in pommel, grip, guards, blade, scabbard etc. There's also a lot of variation within most types. So it's not so easy to make a chart of "typical" Behmer sword types....
Yeah, I meant this picture. It's also present in Oakeshott's Archeology of weapons. He does say it's simplified Behmer's typology, for example I know that under type 4 there are both swords with rings on their hilts and without them so it's clear that this is simplified version. In Oakeshott's Archeology I got the picture that type 1 is basically first or second century AD but used up to 400's, types 2 and 3 are something like 3rd and 4th century and type 4 about 500-700AD. But that is all obviously generalized picture. Is there anything only a bit more detailed? Or any books available in english and not too expensive?

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