I am curious what kind of steel is used for replica halberd heads today. Is it available in sheet form? What is a typical thickness? The reason I ask is I'd like to have a halberd and I just had an idea pop into my head. Please let me know what you think gentlemen.

There is a halberd I like in the hafted weapons photo album (#54) with sections of the crescent blade and fluke cut out in a decorative way. Of course, there is a top spike too. The whole thing is black.

There is a local company that makes decorative wild life metal art in black steel usually in flat, silhouette form. I assume they basically program a pattern into a computer, and then a CNC laser or water jet cuts the pattern from a sheet of metal. I thought maybe I could do the same thing, but they'd cut out a halberd's pattern for me. I can live with the top spike not having a diamond section as long as there is enough thickness for sharpening an edge. This process would give the top spike a rectangular section. Oh well ... perhaps a fuller can be filed into it later with a round file.

How would this get hafted? I guess I would include a long tang in the pattern instead of using langets - sort of like knife blade tangs. It would accept several rivets to secure the tang. The haft's end would be cut deep enough to accept the tang (and wide enough for the metal's thickness). Viola! I have a halberd. Perhaps the same process can be used to make my own Hungarian axe too, or another halberd I like.

Please let me know if you think this idea might work. I hope I've discovered a way to make "economical" replica polearms for myself assuming the company won't charge me too much for doing something different.

It's an idea. The truth is I'd rather buy A&A products. They do wonderful work.