Greetings everyone!

For about five years now, my favorite sword has languished without a decent scabbard, preventing me from wearing it to ren faires or even displaying it properly - it mostly just sits in a gun case. I've decided that it's time to correct this and order up a custom scabbard, but that's the rub - I'm not really sure what kind of look to go for.

Given the extensive resources and helpful natures of the people of these forums, I'm hoping to hear suggestions or see pics of interesting scabbards to get my mind rolling.

The sword itself is an Angel Sword, probably closer to a messer than anything else. Here's a pic of it hanging dangerously on my wall:

[ Linked Image ]

Given that the sword isn't a historical design (to my knowledge, anyway), I'm not all that concerned with historical accuracy for the scabbard either. However, I do find historical designs to be quite attractive, so I would welcome suggestions in that vein.

Lion motifs are a favorite of mine, but I really am open to anything. What do you guys think? Any ideas?