German armor and weapons used in 1300's
i need to know because i need to make my own armor, weapons, and garb for sca heavy fighting and i HATE the loaner armor. pictures please! also what would be a good name for my persona?

Well let me start you at the.... start. ;)

You need to get some more information out there for us to really help you. This likely will require some reading and research on your part as this question is a rather huge one.

Who are you?

What time did your character live. 1300s covers 100 years, during which is a great deal of change.

Where are you from.... don't say Germany as it does not exist. There are a huge patchwork of principalities, counties and the likes. You need to decide which one as there are loads of customs and such in each one.

Where do you fit in your society? Are you a commoner, knight, king?

Is your person a professional fighter? Part timer, city militia....

If you can give us some direction on this and likely a half million other such themes we should be able to get you a decent character and help you get an idea what he should have for armour, clothing, etc.

Hello Simon,

what Randall mentioned it totaly true......we need more infos ;-)

I could only provide you with some infos from me because I am a Knight in 1320 located in bavaria (or at least I try to be one)

I would recommend the following armour:

- Chain mail hauberk (full sleeves, down to the knees, flat riveted rings with 8 or 9 mm in diameter)
- Matching chain mail leggings
- From there you could go with some metal bracers for your forearms and your lower legs. AFAIK knights begin to mix mail armour and full metal parts around 1300 but that depends from the region your char comes from
- A plate of arms would also be possible
- For this era i recommend some kind of great helm (Topfhelm) for your head. I think you coulnd go wrong with the one ;-)

Dont forget the gambeson underneath your armour and the coat of arms over your chain mail.

I think thats a good start. If you look for a fully armoured knight in plate armour you should look around a time frame of 1400 to 1450 I think.

I could give you more specific infos when I know more about your character and your plans.

I hope this helps,
I think that most people would probably identify the Teutonic Knights as being distinctly "German". Their official name - Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem literally translates as The Order of Brothers of the German house of St. Mary. I would probably start there, especially since the 14th Century saw the Teutonic Knights at their most powerful... taking of most of Prussia, large parts of Poland and Estonia, their move to the Marienburg (the largest brick castle ever built) and since they are an Order that is still around there is a great deal of information out there. I know that even the much despised Wikipedia has a lot of really informative entries, that if nothing else, could point you in the right direction (since they do usually cite a better source).

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