Are there any tapestry kits?

This might be somewhat "off-topic" for this web site, but I was wondering if there are any medieval tapestry kits available on the market. I suppose I am refering to something like the cross-stitching my sister does on a smaller scale compared to tapestries.

It simply occurred to me it would be nice to have a reproduction tapestry one day to go with the weapons and armor I hope to collect. I admire the ones I've seen in the Armeria Real in Madrid, and several in Germany too. They are so colorful and artistic.

I'd like to have one depicting a battle, or maybe a pastoral scene. Perhaps carpet stores carry reproduction tapestries, but I'm sure they would cost a small fortune. I'll ask them sometime.

Thanks! :D

Dustin Faulkner
Something like this?

Note that there's a big difference between tapestry and embroidery. I would think that the kind of tapestry you're looking at is pretty much beyond anybody without specialized tools and many years to learn. Cross stitch, on the other hand, is much easier and would be historically appropriate for something like these Bayeaux kits or for your own designs of the same period. This kit is out of production, but Bayeaux images are readily available. You could sketch a design based on those and just fill in the spaces with stitches.
I like your style Dustin!

I too aspire to have a well-rounded medieval display one day. I never thought to look for Bayeaux Tapestry reproductions but your general question and Sean's link prompted me to do so. (Alas, I have no "embriodery-compliant" sisters.) This might be a good option for you because it looks like those kits are discontinued.

Just for fun, you should get your sister to commit to a full-size reproduction by telling her it's "about a foot and a half high," then tell her it's 230 feet long. :)

On a somewhat related note, I've had my eye on these authentic looking banners and pennons for quite awhile. Battle flags would definitey look sharp with a medieval weapons collection!

Hey, anybody around here have a display like that?? (tapestries, flags, etc.) Would love to see some community pics of nice displays!

Valentine Armouries carried tapestrys a few years back. Although Rob closed his shop in Canada he still has a web site. Drop him an inquiry; he is a very pleasant guy to deal with and I'm sure you'll get a quick answer.


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