sheer steel "woden's river" seax blade .
I have for sale another seax blade .
this one however is a little different ! It is the first blade Iam selling from my "west Kentish saxon hoard!"
The blade is a 3 part construction with alternating layers of wrought iron and sheer steel on the spine (I have left the spine 'as forged" up to the hump and finished towards the tip ) , below the wrought/sheer steel is a two bar "woden's river" pattern in modern steel (15n20 cs70) and a sheer steel edge .
The sheer steel is made from faggot welded wrought iron that has been "cooked " in a sealed crucible with dung leather and charcoal dust . this blister steel is then welded together and folded (4 times in this case) and hardned into hot oil . The edge scated a file upon hardening , and was tempered to 200 C. I have no idea of the Rc as I cant test wedge shaped blades in my hardness tester . I have made some other blades from the stufff and it seems to perform Ok .
The sheer steel is an interesting material to work with and has great "Hada" for want of a more saxon word.
The blade is a heavy one 375 gramm and at 15 inches long (19 over all) would perform well as a general use blade. Blade is thickest at the Hump of the broken back where it is 41mm by 6mm .
I am looking for 250 for this blade , It will make a fine seax .
If you are interested in a finished seax using this blade i am happy to quote on a finished seax , however i am booked up until September also I am happy to send this to a cutler of your choice for finishing ( I would recommend Tod)

Here is one side

[ Linked Image ]

and the other
[ Linked Image ]

and a close up

[ Linked Image ]

Very intriguing!
This blade is now sold .
Many thanks Owen

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