Neener neener neener! :)
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:) :) :)
Why would you do this to me? WHY?!
A " different " daffinition of twohanded sword ..... well three handed sword(s). :eek: :p :lol: :cool:
Michael B. wrote:
Why would you do this to me? WHY?!

If it makes you feel any better, only two of those are mine. But since I am babysitting the third, I couldn't pass up this opportunity. :)
So do you wear them crossed on your back so you can dual wield? :lol:
When asked about the incident later, the chief of police could only shake his head and say it looked like as many as thirty people were involved, fighting each other over these swords like nerds fighting over the latest X-Box prototype. ;)
Dear Michael Edelson,

It appears to me that you have a very serious case of TMW (Too Many Weapons). I am a professional. I am here to help you. Simply ship the majority of your collection to me and I will ensure they are cared for properly until you recover. ;)

Very nice photo, Neener neener neener indeed! :)

He who dies with the most weapons wins, and you're way ahead of me. :(
Michael you need a 12 step program to get away from the sword addiction but unfortunately sword withdrawal is both painful and bloody ....... hang on to something and bite down hard on a polearm shaft while we ever soooooo slowly pull the swords away from you: Please stop holding the blades so tight the spurting blood is making me woozy :p :p :p :lol:

Your slightly deranged friend.

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