This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I'm just starting to dip into European-style and fantasy blades after getting my first custom dagger last year, and I'm looking for some swords and scabbards that look really nice and aren't crap. Well, I discovered the VA Malatesta after seeing it on the SBG classifieds (as reviewed by Odingaard) but didn't know that it took several days to get accounts approved over there! And, my favorite Jody sword is not available.

So I thought I'd check here and see if you guys have one

Specific examples I am looking for:
VA Signature, such as Malatesta, Bristol, maybe the Hedemark
Sets from Sonny's Custom Sword Shoppe (CSS), Swords of Valor, DBK, or Christian Fletcher
Darksword Armory, esp. Flames of the Angel or Guardian
Other leafblades and fantasy swords - John Lundemo, Jody Samson, etc
Custom scabbards (even without a blade), baldrics, belts, armor and rigs
Daggers too

Custom blades, matching scabbards and customizations like cord-wrapped hilts are a plus. I am willing to negotiate a fair price.

I would like to get one or two of the production blades at the lowest price possible to lower my risk, though without compromising quality (e.g. no United Cutlery or MRL wallhangers). Well-used weapons with cutting marks, scratches, wear and cosmetic damage are welcomed.

Payment will be through PayPal, money order or check with shipping to confirmed address in USA. I also have several iaito, a daisho pair of Kingfisher Woodworks bokken, a wakizashi, and other items available for trade and partial trade.

PM or e-mail