Dear members of this priceless forum,

today I turn to you with a somewhat unusual request, and I hope that somebody here can help me. I am currently studying English literature in Munich, and because of that I have to spend two months in an English-speaking country. I would like to go to England, but I need a place to sleep and some kind of work during this time. As I am not wealthy, money is an issue here. So, if any of you fencing masters need somebody to clean the salle or act as a dummy for your students to wack with their swords (or any other job, preferably something WMA-, swordmaking- or armouring-related) and if you have a few square feet in your cellar where I can roll up in the night, please think of me, I would be forever grateful.
My stay will take place somewhere from July 25th to October 18th, and as said, somewhere in England (or Great Britain in general).

Thank you all for your time reading this.
Cheers, Peter