archer's sallet
I'm looking to buy an archer's sallet. I want one with a properly historic padded linen liner and a chin strap. This will be the first helmet I've ever purchased. I've looked at a number of vendor's websites, but I would appreciate some advice from those with more experience before I make a decision.

Tough to find anything off-the-shelf with a proper liner. If it's me, I'd get this one and remove the visor, which seems to have been done often, historically:

The liner and straps are no good for you, of course, but for $121 you can afford to buy this linen sallet liner and get is shipped to the US for a total of around $30:

That's a 14 ga. visorless sallet with linen liner for under $200. Can't beat it. Of course, you'd have to install the lining band, but that really isn't difficult.
That sounds like a good deal, but I'm not too handy at that sort of thing to put it mildly. I'd absolutely botch the job. I'm looking at one of the sallets from Best Armour. Does anyone have any comments on their armor?

By the way ,Sean, where did the sallet in your picture come from? It's the shape I want even though I want a plain one.

Best Armor has a good reputation, as far as I've heard. My sallet is a modified visored sallet from Patrick Thaden. Removed the visor, patched the pivot holes, had Thaden trim a bit off the edge, then lined it, strapped it, blued it and applied the edging. You can do a lot with a good bowl. :D

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