I figure some of you all might be interested in something like this... If your not busy on Saturday... I am involved with two of the groups and will be there all day.

The Virginia Kenshinkai and the Capital Area Budokai is once again hosting Swordfest on April 24, 2010. This is a FREE event, open to the public. Friends and family invited. This will be the 7th year of swordfest. It is an open forum celebration and appreciation of swords and sword arts, ancient or modern, east or west.

Virginia Academy of Fencing - Bill Grandy, http://www.vafinc.com/
Mugai Ryu - Rob Rivers-sensei - http://www.shin-dojo.com/Iaido.html
Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo, Dan Pearson-sensei, Corey Comstock-sensei - http://www.capitalareabudokai.org/jodo.html
New York Historical Fencing Association - Michael Edelson, www.newyorklongsword.com
Hobyokan Dojo, Rockville Maryland, David Hall-sensei - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useravid_A._Hall
Kenshinkai Nakamura Ryu, Dave Drawdy-sensei - http://www.capitalareabudokai.org/battodoiaido.html
Order of the Seven Hearts - Steven Reich, http://www.salvatorfabris.com/
Atarashii Naginata - Fran Vall-sensei, http://www.capitalareabudokai.org/naginata.html
Northern Virginia Budokai Kendo - Brian Sherry, http://www.capitalareabudokai.org/kendo.html
ByakkoKan Dojo - Sang Kim-sensei- http://www.newyorkbattodo.com/
Ryushinkan Dojo, Dan Keupp-sensei - http://www.ryushinkandojo.com/index2.htm
Northern Virginia Kyudo Kai, Bill Reid-sensei - http://www.capitalareabudokai.org/kyudo.html

It will be hosted at 25 S. Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA . It is an old school building, our dojo is the former gym.

Here is the schedule for the day.

10:00 Opening Ceremony/Shiho Barai
10:15 Virginia Academy of Fencing Bill Grandy
10:45 Shin Dojo Rob Rivers
11:15 Capital Area Jodokai Dan Pearson
11:45 Ryushinkan Dan Keupp
12:15 Hobyokan David Hall
1:00 NYC Hist Fencing Association Michael Edelson
1:30 VA Kenshinkai Dave Drawdy
2:00 Order of Seven Hearts Steven Reich
2:30 Byakokan Sang Kim
3:00 Shutokukan Meik Skoss
3:30 Northern Virginia Tendokan Fran Vall
4:00 Capital Area Budokai Kendo Brian Sherry
4:30 Northern Virginia Kyudokai Bill Reid(represented by Martin Meischner)