Need your help/suggestions.
I'm planning on making the sword of Maximilian I my next project. This could be somewhat possible thanks to the pictures posted mainly by Blaz Berlec in this thread:

I'm wondering about the fancy and exceptional blade with some honeycomb? type fullers all along the length. I would like to simplify this and make a classic type of blade that fits Oakeshott's typology, a blade of end of XV and beginning of XVI century with hex shape and almost parallel sides, a type XIX perhaps.?

Please help in selecting the right type of blade.

Any ideas, suggestions, speculations ? Anything will be appreciated

Thanks for your efforts.

No suggestions anyone ?

Well, thanks for looking anyway.
Does original has one wide fuller or what? I can't see well on pictures...
Maybe you could do type XVII blade with a bit less taper than usual...
Well, for a visual impression of simple elegance, I think the hollow ground type XVIIIb sword blades such as Albion's Regent and Earl are difficult to beat. Would they fit into the time period you're interested in?

I think you mentioned type XX swords. There's one pictured here in the article about Ewart oakshott, a type XXa with triple fullers, I think that might be a possibility too. Its certainly a sword that could be highly decorated and not appear out of character.

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