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I bought a Windlass medieval sword so I could steal the cross for a project. I originally thought I'd rebuild the thing with a new cross and sell it but I've just sold the pommel and don't really know much about this period anyway. So, the blade is on the block. The photos tell most of the story. It seems to be properly heat treated. No noticeable distal taper. Long, robust tang--plenty to work with. Windlass factory edge.

40 inches overall, with ~33.75 inch blade. With the somewhat lightened original pommel and cross in place but without a grip, I get a POB of ~6 inches below the cross. That appears to be within historical bounds for a sword of this type. An authoritative blade, for sure. Nice, but not in my period of interest (although, with some grinding, it could be adapted for a basket hilt or katzbalger). Probably best for Viking through 13c. but, again, that's outside of my knowledge so I'll leave it to you to decide how to use it. :)


$45 shipped in CONUS. PayPal preferred (you don't need an account to make a payment) but check and MO accepted, too.[/b]

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