Ok, it has to be asked. Has anyone been watching the Smithonian Channel and their two part series on the sword? I have and it is quite interesting although it only touches the surface and doesn't go as deeply as I would have liked it is a good overall presentation to just relax and watch. Personally, I consider the second episode the better of the two especially since it deals with the civilian aspect of sword play but does give some interesting information on the wounds caused by the sabres of the Napoleonic period wars. To be fair the the first episode does have some information on plate armor and the plate defenses, how to attack these defenses, and medieval and renaissance fencing. So if anyone has watched these programs and wants to add more please add to this thread. If you have not seen these programs by all means do so for they are most informative in a general sense even if you are more knowledgable with some aspects you will come away with information on other areas you may not know much about.