School of the Renaissance Soldier: Illinois April 10-11
Attention 15th, 16th and 17th century enthusiasts!

With the blessings of the innovators and originators behind the West Coast's School of the Renaissance Soldier and Actions in the Lowe Countries events, the Guild of St. Michael-Bristol proudly presents the first ever

School of the Renaissance Soldier- Midwest

To be held in Stonehouse Park in Earlville, IL from Saturday April 10 through Sunday April 11

In this full-immersion event, you'll have the chance to learn and drill with pike and matchlock firearms, experience camp life with period gambling, eating, drinking, and dancing, learn about battlefield medicine, participate in a combined-arms tactical, and more! It is expected that all participants will maintain full dialect/accent, wear period clothing, use full military courtesies, and keep out of period items out of the campsite for the duration of the event.

All persons equipped and attired as mid to late 15th century, 16th century, or early 17th century Soldiers and Camp followers- including but not limited to reenactment groups, Guilds, Associations or anyone interested in history are welcome!

Please visit this facebook page for more information


use the contact information available here

I hope to see some of you there!

It looks like the theme is set to be the "Tilbury Muster"- the gathering/ rallying of troops to protect the Queen during the Spanish Armada conflict.

Even though the Tilbury Muster technically took place in 1588, remember that soldiers and camp followers from the 15th through the mid-17th centuries are welcome!
Online registration is now open!!!!
Just don't have the gear.

Gradually...ever so gradually getting closer but not there yet.
That's a shame Joe. Get moving on that kit!

Here are a few updates...

-If you plan on attending, please register as soon as possible (using the link above) so we have an accurate count of attendees. If not enough people sign up, the event may be cancelled, so if you're thinking about it, act now!

-The Western Martial Arts workshop will be in Wrestling. I'm not sure what texts it will be drawn from, but I'm assuming Fiore.

-Pikes will be loaned to you for the duration of the event, and all will be instructed in their use at the beginning of the weekend. Attendees will also be introduced to military etiquette and some basic 16th century vernacular, etc. Saturday morning (as this is a first-person event)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them up and I'll get them answered for you soon as possible.

Once again, I hope to see some of you there, so sign up quickly!!!

Can you pay at the event?
Hey Hadrian,

I believe it's preferred you pay in advance. You can pay with a check or there's a link to the paypal on the registration page. If too few people register and the event is cancelled, your money will be refunded in full (minus paypal processing fees) and checks will be held (and not cashed) until closer to the event. They too will be refunded if the event in cancelled.

If you wish to pay by check, register online first and PM me for the address.

As before, register as soon as possible.


Registration closes next Friday (April 2)! If we do not get more people by that day, the event will be cancelled.

Register here!

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